Crossbell Collection (LoH)

Meet the epic RPG classic, Ao no Kiseki: Kai and Zero no Kiseki: Kai together with 60 fps support + high definition picture & sound for an enhanced gameplay!

Nihon Falcom
Clouded Leopard Entertainment

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The Legend of Heroes: Zero no Kiseki Kai

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The Legend of Heroes: Ao no Kiseki KAI

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Ao no Kiseki: Kai

The Crossbell State—

Bordered by the Erebonian Empire to the west and the Calvard Republic to the east, this prosperous state was once in crisis due to the actions of a fanatical religious group.

Tensions erupted in a war. Peace was eventually restored through the efforts of the Police Department's Special Support Section.

The officials associated with the Order and the mafia were driven away, it appeared that the future of Crossbell was bright;

However, this was only a temporary respite on the Zemurian continent.

Pressure from the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic is increasing,

and signs of another upheaval are imminent among Red Constellation, Heiyue, and Ouroboros.

All paths lead to Crossbell, and countless unsolved mysteries going back to ancient times are about to be revealed at last.
This is a story about living in modern times—a gift to all those who fight to overcome the walls that bind them.


Zero no Kiseki: Kai

The Crossbell State, located in western Zemlya—

Once the site of fierce territorial battles, it has since developed into one of the continent's leading trade and financial centers.

However, pressure from the Erebonian Empire and the Calvard Republic is steadily increasing.

While corrupt officials from both sides remain locked in political disputes, the mafia and underground organizations are preparing a war.

In the midst of chaos, the Crossbell Police Department has lost the trust of its people.

Among them are Lloyd Bannings, a rookie agent,

Elie MacDowell, granddaughter of Crossbell's mayor,

Tio Plato, a young sorcereress who wields an orbal staff,

and Randy Orlando, a former security guard.

The foursome are assigned to Special Support Section, where they are left with no choice but to join forces in the face of adversity.

This is a story about four unlikely heroes fighting to overcome the walls defining their way of life.